I don’t write posts about every film I see, and certainly not about every bad film I see. Take it from me, X-Men: First Class is not a good film. Even N° 2 sprog and assorted friends were agreed as we left the cinema this evening; this was not a film they would be recommending to anybody any time soon. And yet, here I am writing about it, and this for two reasons. First, James McAvoy, who plays Professor Charles Xavier, looks and sounds uncannily like David Cameron, and to see what would appear to be the current British Prime Minister reading minds and fighting mutants is sort of fun, in a slightly worrying way. Second, the climax of the story is set amid the Cuban missile crisis. According to the screenplay, World War III was averted by the mutants, flinging secret submarines and stealth jets around much as boys kick tin cans in the street. But once we had staggered home I was able to explain to N° 2 sprog a little about the real Cold War and the real crisis and how it really was a close run thing and I hope there will be a faint glimmer of understanding and recollection next time the Cold War is mentioned. Even bad films can have silver linings!