A quick in-and-out to London for a spot of Christmas shopping (Oxford Street and Regent Street), a few galleries (some masterpieces at the National Gallery and a wonderful Gerhard Richter retrospective at the Tate Modern), lacquered duck in Chinatown (Soho), fish-and-chips in the shadow of the Globe theatre, the obligatory English breakfast and, to cap it all, a West End musical, Thriller Live. Whilst I have never been a fanatic Michael Jackson follower I have grown up admiring his music, from the Jackson Five through to the likes of Thriller and Bad.  This musical celebration of his life, with a brilliant dancing troupe and wonderful singers, convinced me that he was indeed possessed of a sort of show business genius, capable of adapting to successive musical fashions and writing and performing major hits. Above all, this show is fun. Of course, it has taken on additional significance since Jackson’s untimely death. Apart from the video recordings, this is now the closest you’ll ever get to the Michael Jackson experience. Catch it if you can!