It’s a cliché, but that’s more-or-less what I did; worked, that is, down to the wire. Having long ago perfected the art of making lists and then prioritising, I have been jogging (at times, literally) around the office and the corridors, ticking off tasks and obligations. Being British, the Christmas card ritual has been in there as well – at least for close family and friends. And it is of course a time of friendship and good cheer, so there have also been a series of most enjoyable but seriously waist-challenging midday and evening events. Then, suddenly, this evening, that was that; no more office. It is the metaphorical equivalent of the moment you dive under water. Suddenly, everything is different and, at first, a little strange. Smartphones mean that one is never entirely away from the office anymore, but that exhilarating realisation is always special.