The EESC Budget Group meets

EESC Vice-President and Budget Group Chairman, Jacek Krawczyk

To today’s typical Monday meeting rhythm (management board in the morning) was added an afternoon meeting of the Committee’s Budget Group. The Group met, under the Chairmanship of Vice-President Jacek Krawczyk (Employers’ Group, Polish), primarily to prepare a series of decisions with financial ramifications for next week’s meeting of the EESC’s Bureau, but it also discussed a number of strategic issues. Starting in October 2008, the Committee has embarked on a root-and-branch reform of its financial and budgetary operational management, involving centralisation of all such affairs within one Directorate at administrative level and a decentralisation to the various ‘spending actors’ (the Groups, the Sections, etc) at political level. In part, therefore, the Budget Group also considered how to fine tune a number of aspects arising out of the transition to this new decentralised approach.


  1. Hugo Kijne

    Glad to see that Jacek supports his national airline.

  2. Martin

    He’s a former Lot pilot and is now on the board.

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