For the past three days I have acted as chauffeur, cook, washer, photographer and general gofor for N° 1 sprog as she entered the final rehearsals for a dance show that took place this afternoon. I enjoyed every minute of it – indeed, loved the whole experience, especially when we got into things like lights and dress rehearsals. Whenever I go ‘backstage’ I find myself back in my own experiences as an amateur actor (now in the distant past): the greasepaint, the costumes, the backroom teams, darting efficiently about. And can there be anything more satisfying than that moment, lived vicariously through N° 1 sprog’s experience, when the whole thing ‘clicks’? It was a resounding success, further enlivened by two guest appearances by an up-and-coming professional dance company, Opinion Public. It’s worth a visit to their site to see the clips. We’ll surely hear more about them.