aintrayIt’s Friday again – already. I realised that with a start earlier this morning when I picked this week’s edition of the Economist off the door mat and realised I still had last week’s, unopened and even unwrapped, in my briefcase. I just don’t know where the week went. What I do know is that this is the first morning where I haven’t had a meeting at eight or before (hence the lack of posts on this blog). My inbox is stacked high with urgencies, most of them overdue, and I am about to disappear back into meetings for the rest of the day. And outside it is, quite simply, a most beautiful day. I once had a Director who would occasionally come out with pearls of wisdom about the challenges of our bureaucratic lifes. One of his sayings comes back to mind now. ‘Sometimes, Martin,’ he said, ‘you just have to let yourself be overwhelmed.’ This little post is like the moment when you try and lift yourself out of a swimming pool by your arms, but the parapet is too high and gravity is too strong and so, plouf!, you let yourself plop back into the water. So I am back off to my meetings now. Bye-eee. (Plouf!)