Big bums in sonnets

abumsRecently, my friend and fellow budding scribe, Jeannette Cook,  was profiled on normblog, because of her own excellent blog, Ceci n’est pas une cuisine and, in an act of great kindness, she cited my blog as one of her three favourites. As a result, my blog received visits from quite a few people who would otherwise never have discovered it. So now I am returning the favour. If you get a chance, visit Jeannette’s blog. It is great fun. As I told her yesterday evening, to my mind she has already won my annual prize for the funniest post title, namely: ‘Your bum looks big in that sonnet.’

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  1. Jeannette

    Thank you Martin. I applaud your efforts to make EU affairs more transparent. But I’d like to add a disclaimer to this post:

    Any resemblance to the author’s bum is entirely coincidental.

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