I have slept most of today and I suppose that could be called an advantage for a start, but there are others. Gazing out occasionally on the beauty of Brussels’ rooftops under the snow is another, listening non-stop to classical music on BBC Radio Three a third. Gradually catching up on newspaper reading is a fourth, reading all those Wiki-leaks in detail a fifth. I was sad to learn that Britain would not be hosting the World Cup again, mainly for my children, but who could begrudge Russia a crack at the whip? Gradually, too, as I have cleared away all the ‘pending’ stuff I have had a chance to start writing up some of my speaking notes. Last but not least, it feels pleasantly illicit to be at home and to see my family at times when normally I would not. I definitely do not recommend sinusitis and I am still feeling very sorry for myself, but I have to admit that being sick is not all dark.