I-sinusitis. Note realistic colouring

Over the past two years I have worked my through lumbago and sciatica and any number of colds and infections but over the past six weeks I have come up against a tougher opponent – sinusitis. I had had something lingering for over a month but yesterday things took a turn for the worse, so I went to the doctor’s and was diagnosed, as I had suspected, with sinusitis. She gave me antibiotics and the usual blasting about taking it seriously. The problem was that today I was supposed to be leaving for Tunis, for an administrative board meeting of AICESIS (the international association of economic and social councils and similar institutions). I had a dreadful night but packed my bag this morning nevertheless and came into work. A few hours later it was clear that things were getting worse and so, much to my regret, I had no alternative but to slope off to bed, like a plane being wheeled into a hangar for essential repairs, and leave the antibiotics to do their work.