I took the kids last night to see Belgium’s world cup qualifiying match against Spain. The last time I took them, Torres scored two and Spain effectively knocked Belgium out of the World Cup. This was a different affair. Belgium (Sonck) scored first and only a disastrously poor pass allowed Spain to equalise (through Iniesta). Apparently, Belgian pundits made much of a Belgian goal disallowed for an offside but the truth is that Belgium didn’t manage to put away at least three other good chances. Spain, though, played an intelligent and very patient waiting game. Painfully, David Villa took their chance in the 88th minute, leaving the Belgians stunned and frustrated. They could hold their heads high, though. This was an excellent match against the reigning European champions. It was also a really good evening out. We were just next to the Spanish supporters, who were in fine voice. Indeed, I am convinced their singing, chanting and cheering did much to neutralise Belgium’s home advantage, especially after the Belgians took an early lead. My Liverpool-supporting daughter was worried to see Torres limping off in the sixteenth minute with a suspected hamstring injury. Apart from that, it was a fine night oh, and, yes, England won 3-1 against Belarus. This is their best ever opening campaign in a World Cup.