Rossini Romp

We went to see La Cenerentola (Cinderella) at La Monnaie last night. It’s a very witty production and after the more intellectual hard work of Pelleas et Mélisande a sort of sweet dessert for the loyal public – a case indeed of ‘la bonta in trionfo’. I found the evening slightly disturbing because – I don’t know whether it was the make up or the lighting – the tenor singing the role of Don Ramiro, Javier Camarena, looked just like David Cameron. When he started singing – a fine, clear voice – the impression was reinforced. He sounded just like I’d imagine Cameron would sound if he started singing. Wierd. The impression only dissipated when, as the plot dictates, his character cast off his disguise and became himself. Now there’s a plot; opposition leader moonlights as opera singer. The closest we’ve ever got to that was Edward Heath conducting orchestras, I think. Whilst we’re on Cameron, here’s a plug for my pal’s biography of him. If you want to know what makes Cameron tick, James Hanning and his co-author do an excellent job.

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  1. Pierpaolo

    Thanks for welcoming us so well during the break. Great to see you there. P&M

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