This morning I witnessed an excellent example of the phenomenon that had been debated in Group III’s Warsaw conference; namely, volunteering. Of a Saturday morning no ° 2 sprog does indoor climbing with a friend out at Brain l’Alleud. The respective parents have a roster for ferrying the boys back and forth and this morning it was my turn to pick them up. The climbing walls are in a school gym. On a Saturday morning the whole school premises are given over to sporting activities of one sort or another for children. And the whole show is run by – volunteers. At a rough estimate each works for three or four hours and there are scores of them. You don’t need to be a mathematician to see Professor Salamon’s point that this is a major, if unquantified, form of activity, oiling the wheels of our societies – or, as EESC President Staffan Nilsson put it in Warsaw, a sort of societal glue.