It sound pretentious, but today, thanks to the wonders of modern aviation and time zones, we breakfasted in Kent and had dinner in New York. Our flight out from Heathrow was in the early afternoon so we could theoretically have motored over from Brussels this morning, but I was taking no chances. Instead, we stayed in a lovely Kent pub and then drove up to London Heathrow in good time for our flight. We are at the beginning of a grand coast-to-coast tour of the United States of America, long promised to our young things when they got to an appropriate age. With N° 1 sprog about to start university, this is the time, and so we are off. Once we had checked into our hotel, our first port of call was ‘the Rock’ – the top of the Rockefeller Center, where we gazed out over New York’s iconic skyline at night. As those who know the city will surely attest, New York positively throbs with energy, and it never stops. I am sure medical science could prove that pulses race on arrival!