Star TrekAfficionados of Star Trek will fondly recall how Captain Kirk would sometimes order the good ship U.S.S. Enterprise to proceed to Planet X with all speed, whereupon Sulu would accelerate to Warp Factor 5, and suddenly the Enterprise would accelerate beyond the speed of light and, via time warps, race to its new destination. Like a latter day (former day?) Sulu, President Vaclav Klaus signed the Lisbon Treaty at 15.00 today and suddenly the good ship EU Enterprise has accelerated towards its post-Lisbon Treaty destination, where it will arrive at precisely 00.01 a.m. on Tuesday, 1st December. The sound of drawers collectively clicking open and Plan As being brought out of their plain brown paper envelopes was almost audible. In a matter of seconds we warped forward from possibility to certitude, from the desirable to the definite, from discreet speculation to hurried planning. We SGs and administrators are busy strapping phasers to thighs as we head for the transportation room. We’ve been studying planet Lisbon Treaty from a distance for some time now. It seems similar to Planet Nice in many respects, but our sensors are picking up some important differences. Prepare to beam us down, Scotty!