I know it’s truly Christmas when the annual staff committee comes around again. Once again, the Staff Committee and its personnel excelled themselves in producing a unique, joyous and delicious evening. As I never tire of pointing out, the Staff Committee’s Christmas Party, with its many volunteers, its rich cultural variety and extraordinary display of different cuisines and infectious good will is a wonderful advertisement of all that is best about the Committee and its administration. This year I was delighted to see so many of our members joining in the fun, including our President, Staffan Nilsson, who busied himself serving Glügg at the Swedish stand. A  note of optimism was struck by an Estonian colleague who circulated with a ‘start-up pack’ of Estonian euro coins (valid as from 1 January!). Once again, I have to say, the Czech biscuit makers excelled themselves with this extraordinary – and entirely edible – model of the Charles Bridge in Prague. Well done everybody!