Malosse seminarToday the management board of the European Economic and Social Committee devoted a morning to a seminar away from the office (but not too far away), addressing a number of strategic themes. The Committee’s current President, Staffan Nilsson, is approaching the end of his two-and-a-half year mandate. The head of his Private Office, Rolf Eriksson, gave an analysis of how he saw things. This was followed by a reflection on emerging trends towards ever-closer interinstitutional cooperation in a period of sustained austerity. The latter part of the seminar and the ensuing lunch were devoted to an exchange of views with the next President of the Committee, Henri Malosse, about his view of things and his intentions and ambitions. Henri was accompanied by the future Director of his Private Office, Rudy Aernhoudt (to Henri’s right in the picture). The earlier discussions and the later exchanges formed a harmonious ensemble, for we were all agreed on the challenges faces the European Union and the need to connect better, much, much better, with its citizens