The 2020 Presidential election

President Obama?

President Obama?

Long before Barack Obama won a historic second term as President of the United States of America, American media pundits were speculating about a Hillary Clinton Presidency in 2016, as this post recalls. But as an article by Edward Luce in this morning’s Financial Times reports, the speculation is not just about 2016 but, rather, a cycle of presidencies between two Democratic dynasties. Thus, the thinking goes, Hillary will probably win in 2016, and already has Barack Obama’s tacit support as the heir presumptive. But what happens next? Hillary will turn 69 in October 2016 and so would be 73 by the end of her first term. Assuming she were not to seek re-election, she would also want to provide a Democratic legacy. Who better than another very popular and strong woman, Michelle Obama, who would be 66 in 2020 – young enough for two terms, perhaps? And then she could be followed by Chelsea Clinton. This could go on and on!


  1. Per Sommerschield

    In fact Michelle will only be 56 in 2020 – she isn’t yet 50! Yup, presidents (and their spouses) are getting younger…

  2. Martin

    I hope I have started a trend with Chelsea, Per!

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