touch1It has been real down-to-the-wire stuff, but now I really, truly am leaving the office for a holiday. I have learnt a few tricks over the past few days. I thought I would have some slacker days towards the end, as people drifted away, but the past five days have been among the busiest I have experienced. The Sir Humphrey trick for next time, I think, is to announce my departure for the Wednesday and then stay on until the Friday. That way fewer colleagues will discover urgent, last-minute needs to meet their SG. Joking aside, the past month or so has been a real test of stamina. I’d liken it to somebody swimming a length under water in the swimming pool (hence the illustration). Towards the end the blood is thumping in your ears and your lungs are bursting but you can see the wall at the end and you’ve just got to swim those last few metres…If anybody is still around to read this, then I wish you happy holidays. Next rendezvous at the end of August.