That football business

Sorry, but it did feel good.

I have been quiet until now about the World Cup. In the case of the old European footballing nations there was much to be quiet about. But I can’t resist a post this evening. England had to win against Slovenia, and they did, though only by one goal. Later, Germany had to win against Ghana, and they did, though only by one goal. So the old rivals both go through to the last sixteen by the skin of their teeth. And who do they next have to play? Each other. It’s brilliant plotting. Will it go to penalties? Well, if it does, we know what happens next! For those not familiar with this wonderful sporting rivalry, wiki has a whole entry here.


  1. How about using the match to help improve England-Germany relations? Get Klinsmann on the BBC on Sunday!

  2. Martin

    12/07/2010 at 20:03

    He was certainly there for the England-Germany match!

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