I took the morning flight to Stockholm this Sunday morning and met up there with an advanced party of members and staff assembling for a meeting of the EESC’s ‘enlarged enlarged Presidency’ (the President, Vice-Presidents, Group Presidents, Section Presidents and the Secretary General). Our first and most informative and agreeable task was a trip out to a model farm, Övergrans Jordbruk, where we were warmly received by the entreprenurially-spirited owner, Leif Zetterberg (that’s him in the checked shirt in the picture). He explained to us how he has gradually converted various farm buildings, bought from the local church, into a series of inter-related viable economic activities, several run by local cooperatives. Thus, his daughters breed Icelandic horses; the tractor shed has been converted into a micro-brewery (and makes excellent beer, I can confirm!); he grows speciality vegetables and fruit, such as blueberries and white cucumbers; and he runs a restaurant and a functions room and a hotel. In the picture we were gazing out onto Leif’s pasture and an adjoining lake. His daughters were putting two of the Icelandic horses through their paces. It was an idyllic scene and encouraged peaceful reflection. Later, Leif treated us to a traditional Swedish summer meal of salmon and new potatoes. It was a lovely start to the week.