Our tour guide, Roger Marsden (in the picture), has been a superhero. Already, before our departure, everything (hotel bookings, travel reservations, etc) had been perfectly arranged. But through his constant, though discreet attentiveness and good humour Roger made this into a truly great journey. He was also a mine of information about everything we visited. He and his wife spent time a year teaching English in Mexico and Roger told me a wonderful story about Cornish silver miners who introduced Cornish architecture, Cornish pasties (still eaten in the region), Methodism and football to the region of Real del Monte in Hidalgo, central-eastern Mexico. It’s all true (you can read about it here). Like the Welsh colony in Argentina (you can read about that here) it is one of those wonderful curiosities that you can never forget – Cornish pasties in Mexico! As to Roger, we had to fill in a customer satisfaction survey at the end and our four youngsters collectively wrote ‘Roger for President!’