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PoetAs if to seal my bardic status (don’t take this seriously), I have had another poem published in an anthology. Coo! Soon I’ll be able to retire and live off of the proceeds. More seriously, yesterday evening I had to go back to the recording studios to record the title of my West Malling Poem, What Hope Saw. It’s just three words but, I promise you, once you start thinking about stress and intonation there seem to be endless possibilities. My admiration for those who read poetry and prose seriously has gone up immensely. In my ignorance, I thought I could just read through the poem and push off back home but, no, the stanzas and the title were recorded separately and several times over and this simple fact meant that I had to think carefully about the follow-ons (for example)…

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  1. Jeannette

    Do tell more Mr Westlake…. Which anthology? Which poem?

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