recordA friend, Kjell Torbiorn, who is the Head of Private Office to the President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and a Professor at Syracuse University (see 15 October post) has the particular distinction of having been a pop star in Sweden in his youth. He wrote a number of popular hits and recorded several albums and then… And then he did several degrees and a doctorate and ended up as a high-ranking civil servant. But as Kjell gradually reaches retirement age so his previous incarnation is steadily reasserting itself. Just this week he sent me a demo recording of a song he co-wrote with two friends entitled ‘Once in a lifetime’. It’s a pretty duet and, well, I just cannot get the melody out of my head – surely a guarantee of success? In any case, they’re shortly going to record a professional demo and then try to sell their song. I am convinced you’ll be hearing it on your radios next year. You’ll know the one; the one with the melody you can’t get out of your head.