aaaSomehow I managed to read one-and-a-half books this weekend. The first, My Swordhand is Singing, by Marcus Sedgwick, was warmly recommended to me by my son and it is indeed a cracking good read. I won’t give too much away by saying that it’s all about nosferati and ‘hostages’ in Romania. Not recommended for the younger reader. I followed this up with half of Free Agent, by Jeremy Duns. This is exciting for two reasons. The first is that it is, quite simply, a cracking good read, set in the deepest recesses of the Cold War. The second, though, is that Jeremy was, until a few years ago, a member of my writers’ group. Like my (3 April) post about Edith, here was another project which I had seen evolving and maturing into a published work. Jeremy, who won a three-book deal, has already finished the second and researched the third. There’s hope for us all yet!