…Or so we thought, but just a few kilometres further on we joined a small and very excited crowd by the side of the road. They were looking down at a patch of marshy ground. An animal of some sort had been spotted and was now out of sight behind some bushes. Gradually it came back into view; it was a young moose cow. Shortly after I took this picture it took fright and loped away, but we had seen it, and pretty close up. Our guide told us a little about this wonderful animal, which we had been so lucky to see (they are solitary and shy), including the improbable fact that they are excellent swimmers and divers. Now our cups were truly running over. We didn’t get to see the horned sheep nor a black bear (but since, as a park ranger told me, they are using electric shocks and tear gas to try and keep them away from human beings, perhaps this wasn’t such a surprise), but we had seen fine examples of some of the largest land mammals (elk, and then moose) in North America. Quite a day!