We went up Monte Legnoncino (1,361 metres) today for a picnic. Behind me in the photograph, to the left of my head, is yesterday’s conquest, Sasso Canale (2,411 metres – to the right is a previous, lesser conquest, Monte Berlinghera – 1,930 metres). Sadly, it seems we won’t have time for Monte Legnoncino’s big brother, Monte Legnone (2,600 metres) this visit, but we’ll be back. Monte Legnoncino is a pleasant walk because it is all on a track built by Italian engineers during the 1915-1919 war, part of the fortifications collectively known as the Cadorna line (after General Luigi Cadorna). The Italian engineers used only local materials and no cement and were so attentive to water courses and drainage that the track today is still in excellent condition. Though it surely wasn’t Cadorna’s intention, the network of pathways and mule tracks has done much to facilitate walking in these mountains.