This evening we went to visit the Maison Autrique, a carefully restored early Horta work that gives an excellent insight into life in a bourgeois household in the 1890s. Until the end of this year the house is hosting a rather sad exhibition about Horta’s lost works. These include those never built (the Congo Pavillion, for example), those forever gone (the Innovation department store, lost in a tragic fire, and the Maison du Peuple, notoriously demolished), and those dismantled, never (so far) to be rebuilt (the Hôtel Aubecq). There are two ways of looking at the Horta heritage. One is deep shock at the indifference with which his extraordinary work was regarded for so long. The other is relief that so many of his works survived and are now preserved. Those who can’t make the trek to Chausée d’Haecht, or don’t want to, can visit the Maison Autrique virtually on the website.