HareThe hares out at Berthem have provided us with much amusement this spring. A group of three of them are pretty much inseparable (they seem to have got the boxing out of the way now) and we see the three companions every time we take this particular path. Sometimes, they come very close. One of the hares once pelted around a path and skidded to a halt a few feet away from me on a lane before making his getaway. I suspect that they recognise our dog, who is now quite an old gentleman. (He made what I would describe as a symbolic run after one of the three today.) Soon, the crops in the fields will have grown too high for the dog (and us) to see them anymore. In the meantime, though, they seem to plot surprises and ambushes, bursting out in front of the dog and then bounding away in separate directions, leaving him uncertain as to which he should follow. Johnny Morris, or his modern day equivalent, would have a field day putting voices to their antics.