Brussels , Belgium<br />
March , 18/2013</p>
<p>Five Ideas for a Younger Europe</p>
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<p>©EU2013This afternoon I was happy to sit at the back of a meeting room in our headquarters Jacques Delors building that was full of young Europeans. What had brought them there was a joint initiative of Gianni Pitella, European Parliament Vice-President, and European Economic and Social Committee Vice-President,  Anna Maria Darmanin, who jointly presided the meeting. They had travelled together to similar gatherings in Leeds, Cosenza, Valletta, Barcelona, Strasbourg, Salerno and Warsaw in order to hear what young people really think about Europe. This listening exercise generated five ideas, which were debated today. These were: the creation of a true European political union, including a directly-elected President; the creation of a European public employment service to guide the choices of young people in their search for work; the standardisation of human, social, civil, political and economic rights in the EU; the creation of a European Degree Programme; and the creation of a European public broadcasting company. What became apparent, as these five themes were discussed, is that while young Europeans may worry about their futures (in terms of employment, above all) they still clearly see the logicality of Europe as being the answer, or the potential answer. It was instructive to be listening in!