Two miracle workers and a Secretary General

When I joined the European Economic and Social Committee in late 2003 as Head of Communication, I went on a communication course alongside some of my new colleagues. The course was about internal communications and the trainer was a great enthusiastist for internal newsletters as a way of fostering fellow feeling and providing a means for dispersed staff to learn about one another. In the coffee break I learnt that the Committee had once upon a time had such an internal newsletter (‘Echosoc‘), but that, relying purely on volunteers, it had slowly petered out and then disappeared. Ever since then I have dreamt of re-creating such a newsletter and once I became Secretary General I realised that, if I pushed hard enough, I could realise my dream. Two weeks ago, thanks to the good offices of the Communication Department, the Human Resources Directorate and the Staff Committee, a new internal newsletter, EESCoop, came into being, and at lunchtime today all of those involved in the creation of the first new number had a little celebratory moment together. I said a few words, as Secretaries General are expected to do, but from now on I want to have very little to do with EESCoop because, if it flourishes (as I fervently hope it will do so), it should be written by staff, for staff, about staff. Long may it prosper!