EESC plenary session – a sad start

There was a sad start to the Committee’s plenary session this morning. Hours before the session got under way we learned of the sudden and untimely death of one of our ushers, Harri Ruusunen. He was just 48. Anyone who has worked with or in an assembly of any sort will know how important the ushers are and what familiar figures they become – to the members as to the staff. Our plenary sessions simply couldn’t function without our ushers. They provide us with the constant stream of papers – session documents and amendments, in particular – that are necessary for our work. They also help our members with their paperwork (travel documents, etc) and are generally supportive in many different ways. Harri, like his colleagues (now understandably in shock), was a familiar and friendly presence. A kind and gentle man, he will be much missed. The President, Staffan Nilsson, called for a minute’s silence at the beginning of the plenary. Our condolences go out to his family at this terrible time.


  1. merja kuvaja

    I am shocked to read about Harri´s sudden death. Martin, thank you for writing about it. I have not been in touch with him recently, but knew him back in high school.

  2. Martin

    I am so sorry that you should learn in this way, Merja.

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