Down to the wire

This is my last day in the office. Everybody was sent home a little earlier this afternoon and the building feels very empty. Theoretically, things should have been winding down in gentle fashion, but the problem is that we have an extremely busy first week back in January, and so I have been working down to the wire to make sure that the various documents and briefings for the Budget Group and the Directors’ Commitee and the Audit Committee and the Presidency Seminar, etc, etc, are all ready. But now just about everything is done and I can shut up shop.

This will almost certainly be my last post of the year. For those of you who visit from time to time, I wish you a joyous festive period and a happy, healthy and peaceful new year.

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  1. Julien Frisch

    It is always a good sign when the boss leaves the office building as one of the last persons…

    Happy holidays – and thanks for blogging from inside the EESC, which was good news in 2008!

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