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sorensen visitToday the EESC’s Communication Group met and its guest speaker was Claus Sorensen, Director General of the European Commission’s DG for Communication. He came with a reassuring and positive message. The emphasis in the new Commission will not be on communication so much as on communicating. Indeed, he had come hotfoot from a meeting of the private staff of all the future Commissioners where he had implored them to think about the communication aspects of their work as from day one.


  1. Julien Frisch

    And do you think they will think about communication aspects from day one?

  2. Niels Jorgen Thogersen

    Yes, communication and communicating matters. More than ever. But first and foremost, if it engages the citizens. If it to a very large extent is citizens driven. One-way communication is no way. All the new media are at our disposal for the interactive, citizens driven approach. It is just a question of organising it in the right way TOGETHER with the citizens.

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