Miguel singsWe are now into the closing days of the last working week of the year. Today my team – the members of the SG’s secretariat – had its annual Christmas lunch. The head of my secretariat, Miguel Colera, is Spanish. It was not by chance, then, that we ended up eating in an upstairs room at a restaurant called Casa Miguel. The food was delicious, the company great. It has been a heavy old year and the team’s members have really excelled themselves in every respect. It was a well-deserved moment of relaxation for them all. After the meal there was a game in which we had to take it in turns to sing a number from a well-known film whilst imitating the singer in question. In my picture (thank you, Laura), Miguel is singing My Favourite Things from The Sound of Music whilst imitating Julie Andrews. Actually, I made all of that last bit up.