Of course we watched and enjoyed it – Chelsea’s ‘dramatic’ 4-3 penalty win over Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena, that is. Who could not feel for the indomitable Ashley Cole, who missed out on this prize with Arsenal in 2006 and 2008 with Chelsea? Or Drogba, who scored the crucial normal time goal, gave away a penalty and scored the final winning penalty goal? Now all the punditry is about whether Chelsea’s owner, Russian rich man Roman Abramovich, will do the right thing and confirm Roberto di Matteo as the team’s full time coach. I wonder. Di Matteo himself is gnomic in his pronouncements. I suspect that in part this is because he knows inwardly that the FA Cup and Champions’ League wins were one-offs inspired by a number of factors while the new coach will have longer-term tasks before him. Di Matteo was able to inspire through the personal loyalty of players, several of whom are getting long in the tooth (Drogba, Lampard, Terry), and developed simple but highly effective game plans (beating Barcelona being the most obvious example). Whoever the new coach is, he will surely have to rebuild, and creating and rebuilding are different challenges to reviving and inspiring. But whatever happens to Di Matteo, nobody can take today’s brilliant achievement away from him.