Cambridge cabbie’s wisdom

The London cabbie is famous (do I mean notorious?) for his self-opinionated wisdom on everything. In Cambridge, Massachusetts, they do things differently. I had to swap to a hall of residence so I hailed a cab. The driver was nice and talkative. When he heard I was from Europe, he told me that ‘You’ve got to get that Eurozone stuff sorted and pretty damned quick.’ I agreed that there was urgency. ‘Mind, we can’t give you no lectures,’ he continued. ‘We are all in this together. The way I see things, only the Chinese can save us and I reckon that pretty soon they’re going to realise that they don’t really have much choice.’ So you’re optimistic? I asked. ‘In the short-term,’ he replied, ‘but we’re not creating real wealth at the moment. Sure, we create jobs, but how many of them are in burger bars and pizza joints? We need to create real wealth; jobs in manufacturing industry, that’s what we need.’  All on a Sunday morning in sleepy Cambridge.


  1. Peter Dean

    09/02/2012 at 15:54

    If only cabbies knew how to get quickly from A-Z, they would rule the world.

  2. Hugo Kijne

    09/02/2012 at 17:22

    If Peter got out of the Smart more often he would know that cabbies rule the world in most places 🙂

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