I had that Bono chap in my bedroom tonight. I should explain. U2 played two concerts at the Heysel stadium yesterday and tonight. My bedroom is high up and looks out towards the Atomium and the Heysel. I had the window open to watch an electrical storm as it developed. When the wind is blowing in the right direction I can hear everything that’s happening in the Heysel. And so it was that I listened in to U2’s performance, though I must have been at least five kilometres away. Miss Sarejevo and Pride were particularly clear, and there was a great With or Without You in the encores. When it started to rain about half way through the set Bono sung a snippet from Singing in the Rain and I could have sworn he was in my bedroom. He sung it again right at the end, and then left the crowd to continue. So I was there, you know, even if I wasn’t there!