This evening I hosted a farewell reception for one of my two Deputy Secretaries General, Wolfgang Jungk, who is retiring at the end of the month. In fact, all through this month there have been a series of ‘lasts’ involving Wolfgang; his last pre-session meeting, his last Bureau, his last plenary session… He has worked for the Committee for no less than twenty-seven years, during which time he has served six Secretaries-General and 15 Presidents and participated in roughly 240 plenary sessions and 150 Bureau meetings.  His retirement is well-earned and I wish him well. But I shall miss him enormously. Wolfgang was always loyal, collegial, constant, wise, courageous in a non-conflictual way and had a mischievous wit that defused many a tense situation and lightened many a gloomy meeting. He was the perfect gentlemen. He also had a compendious knowledge of pleasant seaside watering holes and I have fond memories of sipping a beer with him in, among other places, Portoroz, Lisbon and Piraeus, after lengthy meetings. Auf wiedersen, lieber Wolfgang, und danke schön!