Atelier Pestalozzi in Chiavenna

For several years, as a relatively young thing in the European Commission’s Secretariat General, I followed the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee. And so I got to know an Anglo-Danish official in the Parliament working for that Committee, Per Sommerschield. When Per heard about our Lario hideaway he insisted that we should go to the gallery of his artist brother, Kim, at Chiavenna. And that is precisely what we did this morning. Kim loves the mountains. He climbs the mountains – frequently alone. And he paints the mountains – well, as you can see by visiting his website here. If ever you happen to be in Chiavenna you should visit his gallery, located on the town’s main piazza (Pestalozzi). You’ll be guaranteed a warm welcome and a dose of Kim’s infectious enthusiasm about the mountains.


  1. Per Sommerschield

    Glad you made it there Martin. I’m not sure what impresses me most about my twin brother – his antics in the mountains or his paintings.

  2. Martin

    Both are impressive!

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