aquietrevolution1I spent the whole day in interviews again and, again, I marvelled at the commitment of the three EESC members who were sitting on the panel with me and my colleagues (see 12 June post). With a bit of luck, I should be able to go to the 14 July meeting of the EESC Bureau with proposals for three directors’ positions, including the heavyweight two I am currently filling on an ‘acting’ basis – finance and human resources. Soon, too, the next step in the gradual implementation of the new establishment plan – the creation of two deputy Secretaries General – should take place. I will then find myself able to delegate on a serious basis and to start clearing my desk for more strategic work. This process will have taken almost a year, but I will consider it time well spent if we manage – as is currently the case – to do all of this without imparting a sense of upheaval. When it is completed the implementation of the new establishment plan will have been a quiet and gentle revolution.