Now that a couple of weeks have gone by I can be a little more forthcoming publicly about the appointments made by the Committee’s Bureau two weeks ago. In fact, the Bureau appointed two new directors; one for General Affairs and one for Human Resources. As a consequence, the previous Director for General Affairs, Nikos Alexopoulos, will now become Deputy Secretary General. It has taken a long time to get here – my proposal for the new establishment plan for the Committee’s administration was approved by the Bureau all the way back in December 2008 – but we are now definitely here and I confess to a slight sense of elation because at long last I will now have just one job, the only one I was actually appointed to do – that is, Secretary General. Until July 2009, when a Director of Finance was appointed, I actually had three jobs (SG, acting Director, Finance, and acting Director, Human Resources) and since then I have had two jobs (SG and HR). Now, at long last, I can start to concentrate more on longer-term and strategic issues.