This afternoon I chaired the tenth and final, de-briefing, meeting of the task force the administration established to make sure that we did everything we possibly could to facilitate the arrival and integration of the new members of the Committee. In part, it was time for a well-deserved collective pat on the back – all that hard work and good will had richly paid off. In part, it was a matter of making sure that what we have learnt will not be forgotten in five years’ time. And in part it was a matter of identifying those things that we might have done differently or better. Among the many interesting and constructive ideas collected was the proposal that we should organise a similar exercise for all of the members who are leaving, and not just for those who are arriving. Of course, those leaving receive a medal at a special commemorative ceremony and their contribution and work is recognised but it is true that there is also quite a lot of administrative work to be done when our members leave and, subsequently, also they can become active members of our Former Members Association. So; the task force is no more but it has served its purpose well and now we have codified this particular best practise and look forward to the next renewal exercise in five years’ time. In the meantime, our challenge is to maintain the good atmosphere and positive relationship with our new members. I am sure will all rise to it!