Management Board 2I returned to work already last week but the Committee got back to its normal rhythm today. Monday mornings always begin with a meeting of the management board. I can’t resist writing this short post because, as the accompanying picture shows, my initiative to turn the management board into a relatively paperless meeting is rapidly taking hold. The laptops are intrusive and the next step will be a gradual migration to tablets, as their prices come down and colleagues realise their advantages. There will always be some paper (for example, it is easier to consult an A3 spreadsheet on paper than on a screen) but habits can rapidly change. The big advantage of having a laptop or tablet in front of you is that e-mails can be consulted less obviously than by using a smart phone. I don’t mind this at all. Colleagues are smart enough to know when they have to be listening and when they can sneak a look and, of course, they gain the time they would otherwise have lost reading the e-mails once they got back to their offices.