The iron law of peonies

peony-2In our garden there is a peony bush that produces the most spectacularly gorgeous flowers. Every year its vivid crimson globes suddenly open to reveal lush and luxurious masses of petals. It is a thing of great beauty and always a joy to behold. But every year it is subject to what I call the iron law of peonies. Its flowers are delicate and the petals are easily dislodged and, sure enough, every year, just after the peony has bloomed, wet and windy weather comes along, ravaging the flower heads and scattering the petals. Today, oily black clouds hovered over the city as if drawn by a cartoonist and when I got back home the bad weather had done its work and the ephemeral beauty of the peonies was over for another year.

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  1. Jeannette

    We had peonies by the back door of the house where I grew up (in the US). They always bloomed in June. The climate is different in Michigan, by June it is fairly hot and dry. For about two weeks we’d have a continuous run of blossoms, accompanied by ants (ants adore peonies). They are still my favourite flower, despite being very short-lived when cut. Later I was lucky enough to live in Ann Arbor where there is a wonderful peony garden! (link here: )

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