Back to work with a vengeance this morning. The regular management board meeting was advanced by an hour because at eleven our new President, Staffan Nilsson, convoked his first meeting of the so- called enlarged Presidency (a preparatory meeting bringing together the President, Vice-Presidents, Group Presidents and the Secretary General). The morning session dealt amicably and efficiently with a number of strategically important points. In the afternoon, the Section Presidents joined the meeting to discuss work programmes and own-initiative work. In between, I had a working lunch with the new Vice President with responsibility for budgetary matters, Jacek Krawczyk.  The day was capped by a working dinner in the evening, chaired by Mr Nilsson. These are early days for the Committee’s new leadership and all the signs are positive. There are some big challenges ahead but I am confident the Committee will rise to them. Postscript. I am sorry to keep using the image of poor Howard Taft, but I cannot find a better way of illustrating the term ‘enlarged Presidency’!