The EndSo; that’s it. I confess to a sense of achievement in having kept this blog going for the five years of my mandate (almost 2,100 posts!). In the nature of things, over time it became more of a literary and cultural journal than anything else. But, still, I managed to keep it up. Now, as it is time for me to move on, I have decided to bring the blog to a close. To all of those who followed my scribblings or who occasionally dipped in, thank you, and I hope what I wrote was of some interest. To those of you who submitted comments (on or off the air), it was a pleasure. I’d thought of The Doors for a musical accompaniment, but that would be far too portentous. So, for the light-hearted, I shall leave you with Peter Cooke and Dudley Moore: Goodbyeand for my fellow opera-lovers, this little offering.  And that is that; the end. (Political anoraks will know who said that!)