Nothing could better sum up the European Economic and Social Committee’s inate tendency to build the broadest possible consensus than the picture accompanying this post. It shows the rapporteur of the Committee’s opinion on the EU’s next multi-annual financial framework, Stefano Palmieri (Employees’ Group, Italy), and the co-rapporteur, Jacek Krawczyk (Employers’ Group, Poland). The two, despite their very different origins and organisations, were in complete agreement, arguing that ‘the ambitious challenges facing the EU make it not only desirable but also necessary to increase the size of the EU budget so as to revitalise economic growth and employment… The Committee endorses the message that more (and better) Europe is needed – not less.’ The rapporteur and co-rapporteur further argue that the EU should return to ‘the original spirit of the Treaty of Rome and thus give the EU proper financial autonomy.’ Moreover, ‘a euro spent at EU level is more effective than one spent at national level.’  What I also find impressive and convincing is that the Committee’s position on such issues has been consistent over a very long period.