Today we went for a nice long walk near the river Meuse. At one stage we came to a lock gate and there we saw a yacht, its masts down, waiting for the waters to rise. The first thing to catch our eyes was the name of the boat – No Pasaran. The second was its Swedish flag. As the boat bobbed upwards, we got talking to the two man crew. Yes, they were Swedes. They had started from Stockholm, crossed the Baltic Sea and then made their way via various rivers and canals to Namur. They were heading towards the Rhone, and thence down to the French coast. From there, they planned to sail to Morocco, and then from there across the Atlantic to the West Indies. How long would all of this take? They had no idea and it didn’t matter. Did they need any crew, I asked? I wonder what I would have done if they had said ‘yes’