Belgium, Brussels, April 08, 2013 - drink in the honor of the end of the mandate of Anna Maria Darmanin - European Economic and Social Committee - EESC - ©EU2013</p><br />
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<p>2013_04_08_ Darmanin_end_mandateThe time for thank yous and farewells is, too soon, upon us! Today, I was sadly privileged to be able to say thank you, on behalf of all of the EESC’s staff but particularly its communication department, to our outgoing Vice-President with responsibility for communication, Anna Maria Darmanin (Malta/Various Interests Group). Highly active on Twitter and Facebook, Anna Maria has been a tireless champion of the modern media, and has made particularly effective use of video clips and short interviews in order to put the Committee, its members and their activities ‘out there’. Anna Maria’s infectious enthusiasm has inspired us all for the past two-and-a-half years. Nobody has better embodied E.M. Forster’s dictum, ‘only connect’!