Take the stairs (again)!

This morning I once again took part in a fun initiative organised by our administration to encourage people to lead healthier and more sustainable lives (see previous post here). I won’t repeat my boasts about my state of fitness (there – I have sneakily done it anyway), but I am posting this as an excuse to write about the skills of the lady in the photograph. She is our nurse, Caroline, and she has a remarkable gift: she always gives painless injections (and, by extension, never hurts you when she is taking blood samples). As you can see from the happy grin on my face, with her friendliness and good humour she is also an important part of our well-being policy. I recently had the pleasure of awarding Caroline her twenty years’ service medal and, as I told the audience on the occasion, she always has her colleagues’ well-being at heart; so much so that she is not beyond ticking off her Secretary General for going too fast on his bicycle in the rue Belliard!


  1. henault caroline

    “it’s reassuring to know that I’m appreciated so much at work. It’s such a privilege to be able to take part in these fun exercises as Martin says and to be able to take care of so many happy people at work. The role of vampire suits me to perfection.”


  2. Martin

    Vampire? No way, Caroline!

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